Advice From Mr. Amare

TCA Lexington's Senior Corporate Trainer, Redeat Amare, is helping us bridge the gap of isolation right now by sharing his story and inspiring future business leaders to come back from this period with a recharged sense of drive and motivation. Redeat Amare joined the TCA Lexington team in June of 2019. Born and raised in... Continue Reading →

Keely Denning’s Leap of Faith: How A Move From Kentucky to Tennessee Jumpstarted Her Career

As we wrap up 2019, we are reflecting on the highs and lows of the year and celebrating the team members who impacted our lives this year, including Keely Denning, an Account Manager here at TCA Lexington. Born and raised in Lafayette, Tennessee, Denning is no stranger to the southern hospitality we embrace here in... Continue Reading →

Setting Up Your Mindset to Win

By Warren Fowler How did Usain Bolt become so successful? He seems superhuman, doesn’t he? Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Paul Bocuse… all these people have something special in them. They became the stars in their niche. Have you ever wondered why? No, they do not have any superhuman capacity. They are simple people, just like you... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Grown: Sam Raque’s Story

Here at TCA Lexington, we never shy away from the opportunity to spotlight an employee. We could spend hours bragging about our team members, but this time we thought we would let them tell you their own story. Sam Raque has been a Sales Leader with TCA Lexington since July and has made quite a reputation for himself... Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship VS a Nine-to-Five

We’re talking entrepreneurship today, and our team at TCA Lexington is going to share with you the best decision we made for ourselves in hopes of inspiring you to derail the wasted career train you may feel that you’re on. Assuming that the majority of our readers are millennials, we can almost guess you’re ambitious... Continue Reading →

One-On-One Interview with CEO Nathan Warren

In early September, as a part of a "get to know our team series," we sat down with the CEO of TCA Lexington, Nathan Warren. TCA Lexington is retail marketing and sales firm that represents some of the worlds’ biggest multi-billion-dollar telecommunications companies. The team at TCA Lexington is dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and... Continue Reading →

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