Autumn Activities

Fall is here and thriving with each leaf that falls to the ground. This also means it will be gone before we know it! Please take advantage of what's around our beautiful city while the weather is crisp and breezy or stay home and virtually participate in autumn activities. Our team here at TCA Lexington... Continue Reading →

One-on-One with Nicholas Broyles, Account Manager

TCA Lexington has a secret weapon- our Account Manager, Nicholas Broyles. Broyles has been with the team through the most challenging year we have ever seen, and is standing just as tall as day one. Broyles once dreamed of becoming a Rockstar, and in a sense, he did. He may not be rocking on stage... Continue Reading →

Advice From Mr. Amare

TCA Lexington's Senior Corporate Trainer, Redeat Amare, is helping us bridge the gap of isolation right now by sharing his story and inspiring future business leaders to come back from this period with a recharged sense of drive and motivation. Redeat Amare joined the TCA Lexington team in June of 2019. Born and raised in... Continue Reading →

Setting Up Your Mindset to Win

By Warren Fowler How did Usain Bolt become so successful? He seems superhuman, doesn’t he? Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Paul Bocuse… all these people have something special in them. They became the stars in their niche. Have you ever wondered why? No, they do not have any superhuman capacity. They are simple people, just like you... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Grown: Sam Raque’s Story

Here at TCA Lexington, we never shy away from the opportunity to spotlight an employee. We could spend hours bragging about our team members, but this time we thought we would let them tell you their own story. Sam Raque has been a Sales Leader with TCA Lexington since July and has made quite a reputation for himself... Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurship VS a Nine-to-Five

We’re talking entrepreneurship today, and our team at TCA Lexington is going to share with you the best decision we made for ourselves in hopes of inspiring you to derail the wasted career train you may feel that you’re on. Assuming that the majority of our readers are millennials, we can almost guess you’re ambitious... Continue Reading →

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